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Make Informed Decisions About Your Business

No one wants to get bogged down with data and spreadsheets but we all realize the value of information. IL2000’s customized reporting tool allows you to store current and historical data and transform it into useful information that helps you make informed decisions about your business. Implementation with your current system is seamless and reports are easy to use.

IL2000’s system can help your team:

  • Confirm or Falsify existing hypotheses
  • Budget time and plan resources around monthly, quarterly and seasonal activity spikes
  • Pinpoint missed opportunities and plan actionable improvements
  • Identify your geographic market penetration and determine which markets you may be missing
  • Compare trends in sales, freight costs and the cost of goods sold
  • Evaluate location performance and make improvement recommendations
  • Set benchmarks for achievement across departments and locations

Our tools can be utilized across your entire company:

Accounting & Financial Professionals:

  • GL Account Coding
  • Freight Accrual
  • Job Costing, transportation cost as a % of total goods sold
  • Freight expenses by company location
  • Excessive and lost opportunity costs
  • Previous year, year-to-date, time period outlooks
  • Benchmarking

Procurement & Purchasing Professionals:

  • On time delivery performance by vendor
  • Vendor compliance statistics
  • Lost opportunity cost of non-compliance
  • Inbound transportation costs by vendor
  • Freight expenses as a % of total product cost

Operations Professionals:

  • Volume of shipments going out of the facility by month, quarter or season
  • Volume of Inbound shipments
  • Internal compliance to routing guide by company location
  • Lost opportunity cost of non-compliance
  • P&L breakdown by location
  • Carrier on-time performance

Customer Service Professionals:

  • On time deliveries to customers
  • Returns by vendor
  • Products purchased by geographic region