Plastic Supplier Case Study

Firm Saves Annual $50,000 in Transportation Logistics

About the Company

A wholesale distributor of plastic sheet, tube, rod and film that provides plastics solutions to over 75 industrial and commercial markets.

The Goal

Establishing an infrastructure to remove inconsistencies between branches and support growth

With more than 40 distribution centers throughout North America and $40 million in inventory, this supplier has a lot of moving pieces to manage. Working alongside IL2000 gave them the resources and expertise to standardize transportation logistics across locations and remain scalable.

The Challenge

Shortly after joining the company, the logistics manager discovered numerous issues with their transportation logistics processes. Across their 40+ branches in North America, inconsistencies appeared in how paperwork was processed and submitted to carriers. This created an immediate need for a solid, customizable bill of lading to standardize shipment tracking and streamline freight payments.

What also presented challenges to current processes was the company’s rapid growth. With an average of two new branches a year, it was clear that their small 3PL could no longer keep up with their transportation management needs and would have to instead outsource their services.

With their 3PL contract up for renewal, the logistics manager and his team looked for a flexible transportation logistics partner that could accommodate their needs. This path led them to IL2000.

The Solution

The partnership began with multiple branch visits and a transportation analysis. IL2000’s team of experts helped identify potential process improvements and important KPIs to monitor in logistics planning.

These recommended logistics solutions were paired with innovative technology to automate processes and improve productivity. In fact, just the accuracy of the transportation management system audit process alone has amounted to nearly $50,000 to $60,000 in savings every year.

“IL2000 knows how to speak the same language as their customers. They made an effort to understand who we are as a company and continue to offer feedback on how we can continuously improve our operations.”- Logistics Manager for leading supplier of plastic sheets and materials


The Future

Because of the way the LTL world is changing, the company’s relationship with IL2000 is more critical than ever before. They rely on continuous feedback and ongoing recommendations to navigate through challenges in supply chain management and ensure long-term success.